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BigChampagne: Online Media Measurement

BigChampagne is a technology-driven media measurement company led by a diverse team of engineers, market researchers, and entertainment industry veterans. BigChampagne accumulates and analyzes data on airplay, audio/video streaming, sales, social media, and live events to provide insights into the 360 degree relationship between artists and their fans.

BigChampagne's core products, BC Dash and the Ultimate Chart (​), provide comprehensive analytics regarding the music vertical with customers that include radio programmers, concert promoters and venues, artist managers, agents, content owners, marketers, and other entertainment industry professionals and brands.

BigChampagne's mission is to produce timely and accurate information through the use of extensive market data and superior tools with the goal of turning information into intelligence and intelligence into action.

BigChampagne's BC Dash is a platform for integrating, reporting, and analyzing information about the consumption of music. Subscription to BC Dash includes 24/7 access to live data and online tools.

BigChampagne and BC Dash are the intelligent choice for the music and entertainment industries' media metric needs.
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