BuzzAngle Music

Evaluate Music Consumption Faster Than Ever

The days of waiting for a weekly sales chart are over! BuzzAngle Music provides comprehensive views of total music consumption on a daily basis all based on your chosen selections.

Gather data on songs, album sales, streaming, airplay or social media all in one place.

BuzzAngle Music allows users to select music sales and streaming ranking criteria by city, genre, date, and much more. Week-To-Date charts are updated each day to reflect the previous day’s sales and streaming activity.

With data from every major physical and digital retailer and over 225 independent record stores, direct-to-fan sites, venue sales agents, major digital on-demand streamers, and radio airplay from Mediabase, you can always stay on top of how a music project is reacting at the local or national level.

Advanced Architecture
Stores every single transaction with complete granularity as to the title, type, retailer, time 
        and geography.
No aggregation
No roll-up
No truncation
No estimation
Our architecture allows the complete access of every single music consumption transaction 
        in its finest detail.

Timely Data Reporting
Daily consumption data provides the best analysis possible.
The most up-to-date information possible with regular daily updates that give precise 

Extensive Filtering
An unparalleled set of filters including:
Consumption types and configurations
Release periods
Outlet types



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