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Futuri Media, formerly known as LDR Interactive, leverages social and mobile technologies for media companies. With live interactive programming on more than 400 stations, networks and broadcast groups across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, Futuri Media reaches more than 100 million consumers monthly.

Futuri Media's LDR (Listener Driven Radio) platforms empower listeners to become real-time collaborators with on-air programming, automatically adjusting content based on audience input.  The Futuri Mobile division has developed more than 150 iPhone, Android and tablet apps for broadcasters, delivering audio and video content to mobile users.  Futuri Media also provides real-time consumer intelligence to newsrooms and content producers with its popular TopicPulse system, tracking local trends across social media.

Futuri Media’s team is experienced in software engineering, mobile development, broadcast management and programming, and content production. Together, they share the journey of developing ratings, revenue, social and mobile engagement, and exceptional results with their partners.

Product Descriptions:

LDR1: Built for stations that want to use listener input as a feature. Listeners can give input on programming, share songs on Facebook or Twitter and sign up to get alerts when their favorite songs are about to play.

Takeover: Allows listeners to influence every song that plays during an hour or daypart within the parameters set by the PD.  Includes deep integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Futuri Mobile: Custom apps with features designed to turn passive listening into an interactive social experience.  Build a brand new app or license features for use in your existing app with Futuri Mobile’s revolutionary platform.

TopicPulse: A tool that scans all available news sources, local blogs, Facebook and Twitter to provide instant insights as to which stories and topics listeners in your market are most-engaged with right now.

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