ReelworldoneCHR IMAGE

ReelWorld One CHR

ReelWorld One is, by far, the most customizable, user configurable, uniquely tweakable jingle imaging solution available. It also contains biggest arsenal of jingles, beds, and custom vocal work-parts ever unleashed on the radio industry.

The sheer volume of the content is unrivaled, consisting of a huge starter kit of jingle and logo work-parts. Match that with ReelWorld's unparalleled quality and fresh, playlist-current jingle and logo-based updates every month and you're in imaging Eden. 

In the CHR format, ReelWorld One can be sung with your choice of one of four legendary sonic logos: 

KIIS/Los Angeles, WXKS/Boston, Z100/New York, KDWB/Minneapolis 

In the radio world where topicality is key, ReelWorld One is your playlist-current solution.​



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