The Johnjay & Rich Show Grants Ultimate Christmas Wish

LOS ANGELES, December 16, 2016 – The Johnjay and Rich Show marked the 15th anniversary of their Christmas Wish program, which helps families in need across the U.S. celebrate the holiday season by providing new appliances, groceries, clothing, shoes, and of course, presents.  Their ninth and final wish of the season came from a woman named Bobbie, a single mother of two young girls.  A military veteran and survivor of domestic violence, she found herself starting her life over again in a new home, but didn’t have any furnishings or beds for her children.  With bills piling up, she was facing a possible eviction.  Bobbie’s friend Brynn nominated her for a Christmas Wish, and The Johnjay and Rich Show elves surprised her at work:​

After the radio show, Bobbie expressed her thanks via email: “You all changed our lives today. Not with the gifts, though they will certainly be a huge help during this season (and onward), but with the amount of hope you gave me today. This day, when my heart was changed in such an unexpected and beautiful way, will always live on as I try to repay the same kindnesses shown to me.”

The Christmas Wish program began in the late ‘80s at 93.7 KRQ in Tucson as a way to help children and their families have a memorable Christmas.  In its humble beginnings, recipients received small items such as a Christmas tree and a few toys.  Since The Johnjay & Rich Show took over the program in 2001, it has expanded to include more cities across the U.S., as well as life-changing prizes for the families. For more information, please visit  

About The Johnjay & Rich Show
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