President Trump Talks Return of Big 10 and More on Outkick The Coverage with Clay Travis

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FOX Sports Radio’s Outkick The Coverage with Clay Travis welcomed President Donald Trump for the second time in as many months. The President joined the show this morning, September 17, to discuss a wide variety of topics, including his role in the return of Big Ten football, the U.S. Open golf tournament and more. Below are some highlights from the conversation, as well as a link to the full audio.

On Big 10:

Clay Travis: “Tell me about your call with Kevin Warren. What the experience was like to help to make what became, yesterday, a reality? All these kids, all these schools, all these athletes, not just football, a lot of people not talking about it, but fall sports in the Big 10 back and able to now play, how proud of you are of that accomplishment and what went into it?” 

President Donald Trump: “Well, I’m really proud of it because it was dead, it was totally dead and I told my people, look, we got to call, I say, who am I going to call, who’s the head of it? And, it was Kevin Warren who really turned out to be very open about it. And, I said, Kevin look, we’ll help you with testing, we’ll help you, we’ll get you everything that you need but you got to get it back for those states. Those states want it. They’re real football states as you can understand and, you know, great teams and very unfair to players. It may be their last chance to show their, you know, their skills to the NFL so they wouldn’t get that. And, I’ll tell you, a group of people came together so fast once we started it ‘cause they, they sort of gave up, although I will tell you who didn’t give up: the parents didn’t give up and the players didn’t give up. They just wanted to play and enough with this stuff. And, I called Kevin and he was open to it. We started talking real fast and hard, and they ended up, it culminated in getting it done. And, I have somebody, Tim Pataki who did a really fantastic job, a young guy who works at the White House, he did a great job, he really did that full time. Now we’re going to work on PAC 12, I mean, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be playing. Now they’re the only ones, just about, and they should be playing. Now, maybe you can’t, I don’t know, I mean, maybe you can’t at this point. It’s getting a little late but they should be playing football. It’s ridiculous. They may have a problem with their venues, who knows? Some of them have a problem with Governors. The Governors have to come together, and we had some Governors that are Democrats and, it wasn’t easy but we got it done and you’ve got, you’re going to have some great football, Big 10 football. It’s really terrific.” 

On PAC 12:

Clay Travis: “There has been contact between the White House and the PAC 12 to also offer the same amount of help if the PAC 12 needs any assistance in order to be able to play this fall.” 

President Donald Trump: “Well, I can tell you Big 10 just needed some confidence and some backing but we give it a lot of backing. I’m not saying this for any reason, it was a terrible thing. You know, we did it, we absolutely did it. If we didn’t get involved, you wouldn’t even be talking about Big 10 right now. They had no chance of playing. They weren’t going to play. And, as soon as we did it for political reasons, a couple of people said, ‘Oh, they had nothing to do with it, they had nothing to do.’ And, I’ll tell you what I don’t have something to do, sometimes I get credit for something I shouldn’t in all fairness, that’s OK too, I’ll take it. But, in this case we, I mean Tim (Pataki) and his whole group, and me, made a lot of calls to a lot of people to get this thing done and it’s sort of sad when you do something and then you have a Democrat or, you know, opponents saying, ‘Well, they had nothing to do,’ and they know it’s not true. We got it going. We got it started. We were able to show them the different testings, and they knew a lot about the testing anyway but they just decided to go closed and it was just not a good decision. And, Kevin Warren did a fantastic job by the way, gave him a lot of credit. He got out and he just, they just did a big reversal. And it’s hard to do a reversal! You make a decision and now you have to say the decision we’re going to change. So, it’s really a hard thing to do but Kevin was fantastic. And some of the people we worked with were great but now we got that one open and we’re going to try and, we’re going to see what we can do. I hear there’s a little flexibility at PAC 12 so I don’t want to get people’s hopes up too high but there’s a little bit of flexibility there. We’ll see if we can do it.” 

Listen to the full audio here:

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