President Trump Talks State of Sports and More with FOX Sports Radio's Outkick The Coverage with Clay Travis

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FOX Sports Radio’s Outkick The Coverage with Clay Travis welcomed President Donald Trump this morning, August 11, to discuss a wide range of topics from the world of sports and beyond, including the return of the NFL, the NBA’s ratings and China, college football, Joe Biden’s impending VP pick, his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and much more.   Below are some highlights from the conversation, as well as a link to the full audio.


On college football:

President Trump: “People don’t realize it’s a tiny percentage of people that get sick and they’re old. It just attacks old people, especially old people with bad hearts, diabetes, some kind of a physical problem; a weight problem…These football players are very young, strong people. Physically they’re in extraordinary shape, so they’re not going to have a problem. You’re not going to see people dying,”


“You can’t have empty seats,” Trump added. “I’m not sure college football can do it, but we’ll have to see.”


On the return of the NFL and the NBA’s ratings:


“Well they want to open and they want to open badly and they’ve been working with government,” President Trump said. “I would say this — if they don’t stand for the national anthem I hope they don’t open. But other than that I’d love to see them open and we’re doing everything possible to get them open. They can protest in other ways. I don’t think they should they should protest our flag or our country.”


“They know they my feelings very well,” President Trump said, after Clay asked him if he’s been in contact with NFL owners. “They’ve been expressed. I think it’s horrible for basketball ratings. They’re down to very, very low numbers. People are angry about it. They have enough politics with guys like me. They don’t need more as they’re going up for the shot. There was a nastiness about the NBA and the way it was done. I think the NBA’s in big trouble — bigger trouble than they understand.”


On the Jordan vs. Lebron debate:


President Trump: “I’ve seen them both. Michael Jordan — plus he wasn’t political, so people like him better.”


On Joe Biden’s impeding Vice President pick, and his decision to pick a woman:


“You can pick George Washington to be your vice president,” President Trump told Clay. “Let’s pick up Abraham Lincoln coming back from the dead. [People] just don’t seem to vote for the VP.”


President Trump also criticized Biden’s decision to corner himself into only picking a woman: “Some people would say men are insulted by that; some would say it’s fine.”


His relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping:


“I certainly feel differently,” President Trump said. “I had a very, very good relationship. I haven’t spoken to him in a long time. We have a much different relationship with China now than we did for years where they ripped us off and then I stopped that. They were having the worst year they’ve had in 67 years because I charged them tariffs. We were making a lot of money. I was giving a lot of money to farmers. They were targeting farmers. I gave — $28 billion, that was the amount — and it came all out of China. And the farmers are doing great because of it. Otherwise they would have been all out of business.”


“But I treated them as you would do it. We still had a good relationship,” President Trump concluded. “But once the plague came in from China — I call it the plague — once the plague came in from China the relationship changed. No question about it. It would be hard to believe that it wouldn’t change.”



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