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The Boys And Girl Podcast

The ‘Boys and Girl Podcast is hosted by Dallas-based NFL Network reporter Jane Slater and NFL Network field producer Bobby Belt.

The duo discusses the biggest stories surrounding the Dallas Cowboys, with exclusive insider access and opinions.  They also welcome current Cowboys, legends from the past, and other team insiders.

New episodes of The ‘Boys and Girl Podcast will be available on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout football season, with episodes continuing in the off-season.  

“As a Dallas native who reports on the Cowboys daily, I’ve found there is no off-season - the appetite for more content is as strong as Ezekiel Elliott’s desire to be fed on the field,” shared Slater. “When Colin Cowherd approached me about this podcast, it was a no-brainer. My producer, Bobby Belt and I talk this beat 24/7 and we’re excited to share those conversations with the fans.”