Dr. Dave

​Dr. Dave is the creator and innovator of many of the most successful services in radio today, including show prep, comedy, and production! Available to all formats, he has brought his 25 years of experience and expertise, along with his award-winning team of writers, producers and talent, to Premiere Networks. Always staying ahead of the curve and reinventing his services, don't miss your chance to work with a legend. Find out why Dr. Dave continues to partner with the highest-rated and most-successful talent in radio.

For more information on each of his unique services, please see below:

Dr. Dave's Ultimate Prep:

Content for on-air AND online (blogs/websites, etc)

Daily "viral videos," parody songs and comedy material

"Thought Starters" for text and audio

"My Picks" section for customization

The hottest lifestyle prep with personality


Dr. Dave's Custom:

Dr. Dave is always innovating and offering personalized production. Not just comedy, but jingles, parodies, bits, IDs, songs for your local sports teams, bits about your local congressman, parodies about the lady at the grocery store, jingles about your intern...you get the picture.

Hilarious impersonators available for custom liners.

Step up your production value. You need a produced piece? We can usually turn it around the same day.

You write it, we produce it. You want us to write it, ok, we'll write it and produce it.​