Harness the power of AI to access the ultimate compass for your content. With TopicPulse, you always know what locally trending topics are resonating with your specific target audience in real-time — no stale show prep here. 

  • TopicPulse’s predictive intelligence capabilities tell you what topics will be hot hours from now — essential for voice-tracked content.


  • TopicPulse IdeaStarters™ give you access to ready-for-air or socials bullet points on the topics of the moment throughout the day. 


  • The available TopicPulse Instant Video option enables you to quickly create timely, relevant, monetizable video content on the day’s top stories in minutes. There’s nothing more powerful for creating compelling on-air, website, and social content that gets your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged.


For more information, visit Futuri’s TopicPulse site.